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Turf Services

In order to keep your lawn looking its best all season long, our service recommendation is  4 applications of fertilizer per season.  These applications are spaced between 6-8 weeks apart, providing your lawn with the continuous nutrient benefits that it requires, and at the proper levels for our soil.  If a high percentage of weeds persists in the lawn, or if weed pressure at the perimeters is high, then our Pro-Lawn Liquid Weed & Feed is recommended for all 4 applications, which contains both fertilizer and weed control.  However, if the lawn is less than 5-10% weeds, then you may want to consider our Nature Safe Organic-based fertilizer for 2 of the 4 applications.  We call this our "Combination Program", which works great for our customers who desire a more organic option, but still want to minimize weed pressure.  If you choose this option, then we recommend the Pro-Lawn Liquid Weed and Feed for the Spring and Fall application, and Nature Safe fertilizer during the summer months.  However, you have the flexibility to choose the order and number of applications that you want, and this can be altered throughout the season. There is no weed control in the organic fertilizers.

If you live at higher elevations where the season is shorter, then 3 applications will be our maximum service option, as the season is more limiting between the first and last frost dates.  

A custom schedule of 2 or 3 applications is an option, as well.  Just communicate to us your preferences and we will make it happen.

We also offer an OMRI Certified 100% Organic Fertilizer, which is applied at a rate of 4 times per season, as well. For optimal results, we highly suggest our supplemental product, Revive, to accompany the OMRI fertilizer.  The Revive is also organic and will help to condition the soil, increasing the effectiveness of watering during the hot summer months.

To keep your lawn looking as lush and vigorous as possible, we recommend supplementing all or some of your fertilizer applications with our Revive treatments.  This product not only improves the quality of your soil, but helps you get the most out of every drop of water that is applied to your lawn.  In the summer months this is especially helpful, as Revive breaks up the surface tension of compacted soil, aiding water droplets to percolate into the soil where it is needed, rather than beading up on the surface and evaporating.

When you sign up to receive our services, you will receive a notification via phone, text, or e-mail a few days prior to your scheduled application.  If you need any additional notice on the day of the application, this can be arranged, as well.  This is handy if you need to let in your pets prior to our arrival.  

We offer a prepay discount of 10% for the full program of 4 applications! Please call for details.

Estimates are Free!


Other Services

An additional service offered to homeowners, commercial property owners, and HOAs  is weed control in non-turf areas, such as mulch beds, xeriscapes, flagstone pathways or patios, gravel driveways and parking areas, and sidewalks.  These areas can be treated alone, or in addition fertilizer applications for turf areas.  We us high quality backpack sprayers that are very precise, so we only kill weeds and non-desirable plants found within the landscape or along paths and patios, without causing harm to desirable plants.  

Likewise, we can treat weeds in areas of native grasses.  We use a backpack sprayer to spot spray weeds within native grasslands on your property, which will only kill the broadleaf weeds found in these areas, not the grasses.  If you wish to transform a native grass area into a more turf-like area, we can apply our Pro-Lawn Weed & Feed to these areas. This will not only control the weeds, but the fertilizer will help the native grasses be more prolific and fill in any bare spots much more quickly than without. Many grassland areas in La Plata county have become overrun by noxious weeds such as thistle, mullen, mallow and hoary crest (White Top) by years of non-treatment and the prolific seed production of these noxious weeds.  Did you know that one Mullen weed can produce as many as 223,200 seeds per plant?  Canada Thistle, which is becoming more and more of a problem in La Plata county, can produce as many as 680 seeds per stem.  A quick response to problem areas in your native grasslands will prevent the spread of these weeds.  

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