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Scott's Pro-Lawn offers 3 types of fertilizers and one "supplemental" product:


  • Pro-Lawn Liquid Weed and Feed - Our most popular product! Our premium quality liquid fertilizer is well-balanced and made in Colorado with a wide variety of nutrients and slow release components. This custom blend keeps our customers' lawns looking lush and green all season long. A broad-leaf weed control is included in this product. This option delivers the most nutrients for the least cost, as well as the most even weed control across the season. The science has come a long way, allowing us to deliver the nutrients needed while at the same time remaining stable in the system of your turf. With sprinkler watering that virtually all of our customers use, there is no risk of these products "running off" and polluting nearby waterways.  This fertilizer is sprayed on the lawn in a liquid form, stays where it is put, and is used up fully by your turf.

  • OMRI Certified 100% Organic Granular Fertilizer - Our 100% Organic Fertilizer is one of the best organic lawn fertilizer available on the market today. Made from pelletized poultry waste, it contains primary and secondary nutrients for slow, healthy plant growth.  Four applications, plus at least two applications of Revive, per year are highly recommended for optimal results. This product does NOT include weed control.

  • "Nature Safe" Granular Organic-based Fertilizer - This fabulous fertilizer is our in-between option, as it is 60% Organic and 40% UFLEXX nitrogen, offering a higher nitrogen content than the OMRI fertilizer, but still in a slow release form. This product is a mix of feather, blood, meat, fish and bone meal and man-made stabilized nitrogen which boosts the nutrient content and allows us to deliver needed nutrients plus the more natural option at the same time. This product does NOT include weed control

  • Revive - This soil moisture-retaining agent is a unique blend of surfactants and organic material. It causes water to penetrate the soil, bringing fertilizer and air with it, and helps the soil to retain moisture. It slows run off on slopes, reduces evaporation, assists in loosening compacted soil by promoting root activity, and helps cure dry spots. Revive will NOT compensate for poor irrigation or sprinkler coverage problems (it will help identify these areas), but will aid lawns suffering under heat, drought, and water restrictions. This 100% organic product also offers additional micro-nutrients not usually found in traditional fertilizers. In granular form, it is applied at the same time as your fertilizer.

  • COMBINATION PROGRAM- This very flexible option allows you to choose the Granular Organic-based Fertilizer whenever possible and switch to liquid Weed & Feed when needed for the added weed control benefits. This customizable program works great for those who desire a more organic program but still want to minimize weed pressure. We recommend starting and ending with Pro-Lawn Weed & Feed (spring and fall applications), and going with Nature Safe Granular for the 2 summer applications. However, you may choose any order and amount of applications (1-4).

Before Weed Control...

Weed Control

After Weed Control...

Weeds are a common problem in the built landscape.  A weed is simply a plant found in an area where it is not desired.  Weeds and other pests can sometimes be minimized or prevented with proper care, but at times a man-made product may be needed to eliminate or control the weeds.

Our Pro-Lawn Liquid Weed and Feed is recommended for addressing weeds in turf areas. This product includes a well-balanced fertilizer AND broad-leaf weed control.

We also have the ability to spot spray weeds with the appropriate selective or non-selective herbicide.  A selective herbicide, such as the type found in our Pro-Lawn Liquid Weed and Feed, is designed to target broadleaf weeds, and does no harm to grasses.  If you have areas around your property that contain native grasses with a mix of weeds, such as thistle or bindweed, we can simply spot spray the weeds in this area without harming the grasses.


A non-selective herbicide may be applied to areas that should be clear of weeds and grasses, such as mulch beds, stone or gravel walkways, driveways, parking lots, etc.

Scott's Pro-Lawn is a Commercial Applicator licensed by the Colorado Department of Agriculture.  

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